Sunrise in Nosara

Where we only need sheets
Where the morning sun sneaks through curtain crevices
Here, where velvet whispers open rested eyes
Here, where small bodies join big ones in the big bed
But there is no rush
Only these sweet, soft fingertips
How did they get so soft?
I made them and yet I remain
Absurdly oblivious of my craft
My most beautiful compositions 

Warm, throaty hums, no words
Just simple sighing sounds of content
Mmm, hmmm, giggles, and murmurs
Fingers tangled together, we study their shapes
The way they bend and make room for each other
The way they open, close, curl, and
Squeeze and squeeze and squeeze
I and love and you

She whispers fragments
But they all start the same
How long will she call me mama?
The melody of that double ah sound
It's a heartsong
The rhythm feels perpetual 
But I know better
If I write it down now
Will I permeate the music in my mind?

We grow so close to this non-native habitat
We slip inside it's ecosystem
We are so entwined we pay no attention to the howlers
Guttural growls like the swirling squelch of an emptying bathtub 
Rinsing away all of our worries
All of our burdens
In the jungle

7 thoughts on “Sunrise in Nosara

  1. Heather says:

    ❤️ love this! We’ve been in Tahoe all week, taking turns sleeping with each of the kids. Little one holding my hand as she falls asleep. Her little sleepy lispy voice asking our itinerary for the next day, her eyes hardly open, my heart swells. And then today she started calling me mom instead of the usual mommy (after hanging with her older cousins all week) and my heart is now breaking!

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